Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Studio Cottage on the beach

The Studio is a cozy one-room dwelling with a sleeping loft overlooking South Sandy Beach. It is very private and quiet. Perfect for a romantic get-away. The windows and deck command a magnificent view. The house offers glorified camping: it has no indoor plumbing. Fresh, cold, great tasting water is provided by a well in the yard. There is a small refrigerator with freezing compartment and a gas stove for cooking. A Franklin stove provides warmth and cheer. Dishes and pots and pans are provided as are mattresses and pillows. Bring sleeping bags (or sheets) and towels. Several blow-up mattresses are also available. There are several choice spots to set up a tent if more room is needed (or for the kids). Flashlights are essential for getting about after dark; binoculars and camera are desirable; a portable radio and alarm clock useful. The ‘facilities’ include an outhouse with a view and a solar (bag) shower, gas and electric lights.

Note: there is no phone. You may use ours but please bring a prepaid calling card. Unfortunately, cell phones do not very well work from the island. Free Wifi is available at the newly constructed public library located next to the recycling sheds and handy to the bakery. Grab yourself a coffee and cinnamon bun and check your email, realizing you haven't missed much on the mainland.

Note: the loft is served by a ladder. If you have a dog, he/she will have to sleep downstairs, probably.

Available June through September
Rates: (including utilities and Maine State 9% Lodging Tax) $599.50/week

Off-season inquiries welcome

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